About Me

Hi there, my name is Nicole Barros, formally Nicole Martin. Now working as a full-time Artist, I have been painting for 30 years. Having started in acrylic and moved on to oils but found my true flair and passion in watercolours. I personally love vibrancy, transparency and the challenge that the other mediums can not deliver for me.

I have had some wonderful teachers and the opportunity to work in some amazing studios over the years. Originally from NSW, I began my formal training at Julian Ashton Art School Sydney.

I don't really have a specific subject I prefer to paint, instead liking to work on an array of different subjects. Although I am currently having great fun painting animals/wildlife.

My style is realism, I am not sure yet whether that is my personality or due to the large volume of commission work I do, most request are picture/photo perfect.

My paintings are housed all over the world in various businesses and private collections. Over the years I've sold many paintings and have won awards.

I am currently teaching drawing and watercolour painting for beginners and beyond.

Thanks for reading.

You can find me:

I am a member of Two Bays Art Group, Peninsula Art Society, McClelland Gallery, and The Guild Art Gallery in Tyabb, Victoria -- where some paintings are on show for sale.

All my original paintings are registered through the National Registry of Australian Art and Artists, and they come with their own unique National Registration Number.